Wooden canopy

Get more out of your terrace with our Schennjesse terrace roof!

We will help you create an individual terrace roof. Goodbye parasol and awning: enjoy the summer on your terrace with the Schennjesse terrace roof. If desired, our terrace roofs offer additional wind protection, privacy protection and reliable sun protection, so that you no longer have to worry about unwanted eyes, annoying wind or sunburn when you have lunch on the terrace. We develop the design individually in accordance with your wishes. We will either take care of the installation or you can build your terrace roof yourself thanks to our kit and easy-to-understand building instructions. Of course, our planners and service team will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Either way: the result is impressive and will noticeably increase the quality of life in your home!

Get your terrace roof in just a few steps. We make the journey to your Schennje roof covering as easy and convenient as possible. Here’s how this process works:

  • Personal offer. Use our contact form or give us a call to make an enquiry. You will instantly receive a personal offer for the terrace roof of your dreams.
  • Measurement on site. Is the offer suitable? We will then arrange an appointment for an on-site measurement to ensure that the design fits exactly to size and meets all your requirements.
  • Parts manufacturing. After the measurements, the fabrication of your terrace roof details will begin in the Schennjesse workshop. All parts are made in Germany.
  • Installation at your place. One of our experienced local partner companies will take care of the construction and assembly of your new Schennjesse product. As an alternative, our terrace roofs are also suitable for self-builders. Our high-quality kits, including detailed building instructions, guarantee success.

We are convinced that wood is a great material for building. Therefore, instead of aluminum, we use the wood used in the construction of a branch-free winter garden. This means that your Schennjesse terrace roof is Eco-friendly and extremely durable!

The basic construction of Schennjesse terrace roofs is made from knot-free winter garden wood. We have glued beams of special quality made for the roof construction, which guarantee the highest load-bearing capacity with very slim dimensions. So you can look forward to a particularly environmentally friendly terrace roof that will protect you from prying eyes, rain, wind and sun for many, many years. By the way: We offer tailor-made electric on-roof or under-roof awnings for your individual terrace roofing.