Warm wooden winter garden

Have you been planning a glass extension to your home? We sell and build custom-made warm winter gardens for year-round use, in cooperation with the German company, Schennjesse GmbH.

Thanks to innovative ventilation and humidity control, you will feel equally comfortable in our winter garden, both in summer and winter. Instead of aluminum, we use high-quality Accoya wood. This is because it is ecological, durable, sustainable and ensures a special feeling of well-being, additional living space with the highest level of comfort with a long service life.

If you are planning to add a winter garden to your home, in addition to the size, location and choice of materials, the main issue is the climate. Even the most beautiful winter garden cannot be used if it gets unbearably hot in the summer or if it freezes in the winter. Schennjesse wants you to be able to use your additional living space all year round. To achieve this, unique innovative technologies are relied upon. Only Schennjesse winter garden offer you guaranteed thermal management, thanks to the Schennjesse ventilation system. In addition, the Schennjesse humidity exchange system ensures a pleasant climate in the living room by regulating the air humidity.

Are you planning a winter garden? We make the journey to your Schennjesse, year-round winter garden as easy and comfortable as possible. Here’s how this process works:

  • Personal offer. Send a request using the contact form or call us. You will receive a personal offer for the winter garden of your dreams.
  • On-site measurement. Is the offer eligible? We will then arrange a time for on-site measurements so that the planned winter garden fits exactly and meets all your requirements.
  • Making parts. After taking the measurements, we start the production of your winter garden in the Schennjesse factory. We manufacture all parts individually for your winter garden.
  • Installation at your place. One of our experienced local partner companies will take care of the construction and installation of your new Schennjesse winter garden. Alternatively, our winter gardens are also suitable for self-builders. Our custom kits, including detailed building instructions, make both options possible.

You should feel completely comfortable in your dream winter garden. What it doesn’t include: humidity and heat. That’s why we developed two unique ventilation and guaranteed heat management systems. Thanks to these innovative technologies, you will benefit from a winter garden with consistent well-being. This way, you can enjoy time in the winter garden, even in the middle of summer. A good climate makes all the difference… We’ll show you how it really works below.

Temperature. Conventional ventilation through windows, doors and valves is not sufficient, especially in summer. So that you can use your winter garden even in the hot months, our winter gardens are guaranteed to keep warm, but not hot. The Schennjesse ventilation system ensures pleasant controlled air exchange. The warm air rises and is sucked out by the fan. At the same time, fresh outside air flows in at floor level and is distributed throughout the room. Such room air changes can take place at least 30 times per hour – this ensures sufficient ventilation, even when you are not at home. Don’t worry, there will be no unpleasant pulling sensation. In the Schennjesse winter garden, you can live well even in the summer.

Humidity. In normal winter gardens, strong temperature fluctuations make the windows foggy, and as a result, even the formation of mold. Our Schennjesse moisture exchange system is against this. Thanks to the special clay stones laid under the floor of our winter gardens, your additional living space will “breathe”. Clay stone is a purely natural product and can absorb more than ten percent of its weight in moisture. It ensures reliable humidification and drying of the room air. The result: the air humidity in the winter garden is optimally regulated and does not make the glasses foggy. A pleasant side effect: the heat is temporarily stored in the stones and released again when needed. It is especially pleasant in winter. We know that the living space needs “breathing walls” for a pleasant indoor climate.

The main structure of Schennjesse winter gardens is made of various high-quality woods. For the roof structure, we have made special quality glued beams that ensure the highest load-bearing capacity with very thin dimensions and knot-free surfaces, which are only available in Schennjesse winter gardens. Good insulation, innovative ventilation and a reliable sunshade are important factors in the construction of conservatories to ensure a pleasant climate.

We use Accoya wood for all side elements. This special wood impresses with its maximum durability, lowest maintenance requirements and even better thermal properties. Accoya wood is guaranteed by the manufacturer for at least 50 years. It comes from sustainable forestry, is processed in Europe and offers the assurance that your Schennjesse winter garden is particularly durable.

Glazed panels are used for the roof covering. All glasses are equipped with a “warm edge”, a particularly high-quality edge seal, which further supports the very good insulating properties of the installed glasses. Laminated plastic panels are available as an alternative. Only glass units (Ug values 0.6 to 1.1) are used in the side elements and doors, which meet all the requirements for year-round use of your Schennjesse winter garden.