Revolution in Adjustable Glass Railing Systems! C70 system provides glass alignment in aluminium base shoe channel profile.

Glass alignment is done from inside the railing. C70 Adjustable Glass Railing System allows glass angle adjustment at 110cm height to compensate for uneven substrates or angular variations between glass lites. This results in spans of glass that are perfectly plumb and aligned at the top glass edge, even if the base shoe sections are not even. It is designed for use with 8mm + 1,52mm + 8mm laminated tempered glass

  • Material: Aluminium
  • Installation Type: 15cm & 30cm Base Shoes / Full Length Aluminium Profile
  • Mounting Type: Top mount glass balustrade
  • Cladding Option: Anodized / RAL colors are available on special order
  • Glass Thickness: 8+8mm compatible
  • Glass Adjustable

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BTS C70 Adjustable Glass Railing System

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